Interactive Designer for Educational Purposes

Pedagogical Induction for New Teachers


Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano

Job Description

Production of the interactive materials for the pedagogical induction course for new teachers.

Services Provided

  • Creative, graphic and metaphorical concept designer of The Royal Botanical Expedition to New Granada used to guide through the pedagogical requirements of the course.
  • Creation of the interactive, user friendly material.
  • Instructional designer of the virtual learning environment implemented in Moodle.

Customization of the virtual learning environment (Moodle)

Development of a virtual learning environment with digital educational materials carefully designed to encourage meaningful learning.

Creation of educational multimedia resources

Designer of interactive, attractive tools designed for pedagogical purposes to enhance the learning experience.

Inducción pedagógica para profesores tadeistas

Interaction design and user experience

Collaborator in illustrative graphic content such as characters, maps and interface to motivate active learning.

Inducción pedagógica para profesores tadeistas