Pedagogical Leadership Training Program
Pedagogical Leadership Training Program
August 1, 2017
Water in Latin America
Water in Latin America
February 1, 2017

Professional Coaching

Professional Coaching
Services Provided:
  • Production of educational videos.
  • Development of content and script.
  • Audiovisual production: conceptualization (Storytelling), animation, and editing.
  • Character design based on specific requirements.
  • Audio production and voice-over.



In collaboration with Tregua, I had the privilege of spearheading an impactful project centered on professional coaching. This endeavor involved the creation of a series of 6 educational videos meticulously crafted to guide individuals in mastering the art of successful job interviews. My role encompassed the entire process, from developing engaging scripts that incorporated an entertaining and didactic approach to curating compelling audiovisual content. The highlight of this project was the thoughtful design of animated characters, aligning seamlessly with the specific characteristics and traits of the target audience. The animated personas served as relatable guides, aiding users in honing essential skills crucial for excelling in job interviews.

Through this venture, I meticulously managed the production of educational videos, ensuring a harmonious blend of informative content and captivating storytelling. The process involved an in-depth exploration of the target audience’s learning needs, culminating in a tailored and engaging script. The character design phase was a strategic effort, considering the individual personalities and learning styles of the intended audience. Voice-over work was also meticulously crafted to resonate with the characters, enhancing the overall learning experience. This project stands as a testament to my commitment to delivering high-quality educational materials that empower individuals to achieve their professional aspirations through thoughtful, entertaining, and informative content.

Production of Educational Videos

Development of a script that included audiovisual and entertaining language; didactic and engaging content, considering the learning of each user.

Professional Coaching

Character design for animation

Design of animated characters, considering the personality characteristics of the target audience, which, for this project, included users who need to develop skills for successful job interviews.

Audio production and voice-over

Voice-over was performed for each character, considering their characteristics and relevance to the learning of each course, while maintaining the highest standards of quality in recording and sound production.