Professional Coaching
Professional Coaching
June 1, 2017
Research Ethics
Research Ethics
November 1, 2016

Water Latin America

Water in Latin America
Services Provided:
  • Design of user interfaces for interactive activities related to the MOOC Water in Latin America.


This MOOC aims to help participants recognize threats to access to water resources in Latin America and the Caribbean. By identifying risks materialized by prevalent institutional gaps in the region and the adverse impacts of climate change and pollution, participants will be able to recognize threats to access to water resources in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Water Game

This game recreates a situation in which a group of five residents of a rural community must make decisions regarding the use of available water in a common hydrographic basin for irrigating their crops. The goal of the game is to allow students to engage in the decision-making logic faced by users of a water management, irrigation, or basin system. It is expected that by being in the position of others, students will learn practically about the importance of aligning individual interests with collective interests in water management.

Juego del Riego
Calculo del consumo doméstico

Graphic design of the learning environment on Blackboard

This exercise involves activities that allow students to estimate their household water consumption and reflect on its use.

Automatic Group and Role Assignment

This activity allows the system to automatically assign each user roles representing different actors present in a hydrographic basin. The objective is to help students understand how new water usage needs can create disruption, necessitating the reallocation of water resources and the creation of a new management mechanism among all stakeholders.

Asignació automática de grupos y roles