Confinement Stories
Confinement Stories
June 1, 2020

Prudent use of antomicrobials in the hospital environment

Prudent use of antimicrobials in the hospital environment

This learning experience aimed to improve educational outcomes by captivating students’ interest in tasks that foster a love for learning

In this project, I advised a team of infectology professors in creating a learning environment that aims to enhance knowledge regarding the appropriate use of antibiotics for healthcare professionals who may be involved in the prescription, administration, and control processes in their daily practice. My role as an Instructional Designer involved spearheading brainstorming sessions and proposing innovative solutions to enhance learning outcomes within Colombia’s intricate social and geographical landscape. Consequently, we successfully launched a virtual learning environment on Coursera, rooted in a learner-centered approach, particularly Problem-Based Learning.

eLearning Materials

With the assistance of a team of talented professionals from diverse disciplines, I led the  creation of a series of beautiful and engaging multimedia materials. These materials involved exposing students to training activities derived from clinical cases or the day-to-day operations of a hospital environment. In other words, we designed interactive multimedia resources where students encountered real-life scenarios, enabling them to explore within a safe space before engaging in actual experiences within hospital settings.

Impact of the eLearning Materials

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Enhance Antimicrobial Stewardship Education

Achieve a 20% increase in course completion rates by healthcare professionals on the Coursera platform by June 2022.
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Optimize Learning Engagement and Retention

Increase student engagement by 25%, as measured by the average time spent on interactive multimedia resources, by May 2022.
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Expand Outreach and Impact of eLearning Materials

Receive positive testimonials from 90% of course participants, reflecting satisfaction and knowledge gain, by the end of March 2022.